It took five years of hard times and psycho love, but the tribulations of life couldn’t keep Evil Elvis down.
Storming back in fine form, singer/frontman KC Carlisle delivers a much anticipated fourth Evil Elvis album,
Undead Or Alive.
Recorded in January/February of this year and slated for official release in the coming weeks, this recording
is destined to become a Canadian rock n’ roll classic. Although Evil Elvis is officially considered to be a
psychobilly band, Carlisle has assembled a fine cast of players and contributors to create an album that
transcends genre boundaries. From the true psychobilly attack of opening cuts The Dead Are Walking
and My Evil; the driving, blues groove of Catwoman; the dirty swampy blues of Snake Eyes; the syrupy,
surf-sounding backup vocals in Apocalypse; to the straight-up rockabilly romp of Back Seat Love;
this record is filled with radio-friendly hooks and potential hits that leave the listener wanting more.
Carlisle and company have been in the game for nearly fifteen years, and with Undead Or Alive,
the maturity of the songwriting and production is clear. Evil Elvis has toured Australia five times,
made appearances in L..A. and Las Vegas, and has received worldwide recognition as being one of the
forerunners and top acts in Canadian psychobilly. KC currently spends time between managing the project
from his homebase in Toronto, and writing new material at his songwriting and demo studio in Montreal.

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